Q. Does CCOZ support Static IP addresses & Network routing?
A.     Yes, we have packages  designed for business applications where static IP's and network routing are essential. These features are available on the Corpoate & Broadband Packages.

Q. I have an existing IP network range. Can CCOZ route my network?
A. Yes, we offer support for IP routing. Additional charges may apply.

Q. What is a Static IP?
A.     An IP number is your address on the internet. It is used to deliver data to & from your computer.
Whenever you dailup using a modem and IP number will be assigned to your connection. This number will
vary between connections.
A Static IP ensures that the same UNIQUE IP number is assigned to your connection every time you connect.

Q. Why is a Static IP Important?
A.    A Static IP is required if you wish to host services such as a Mail/Web Server.
Without it the rest of the world would not know where to reach you if you kept changing addresses.

Q. I have more than one computer. Can I share a connection? Can I share a connection on a local area network (LAN)?
A. Yes, certainly. There are many Internet Sharing devices which we can supply with your connection (charges apply).
Popular devices such as the Alloy IP5020/IPS-150 support Internet Sharing (NAT), DHCP, Port Translation (for running Mail/Web servers) and Firewall filtering.

For a more Comprehensive solution we can supply the CCOZ Webconnector which can do all of the above plus much more...

Q. In a business environment I would like each of my employees to have their own email address. How can I achieve this?

Q. How secure is my Internet Connection?